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Pallet racks

Pallet racks from Bruckamp are the ideal solution for warehouses in which a large number of different goods on pallets have to be stored. They are executable in any length rows, with the distance and the load capacity of the frame and the traverses can be individually matched to the stored goods. In addition, various accessories such as collision protectors, gratings, drop-down and push-through protection are available for our pallet racks.

A pallet rack is particularly well suited for Euro pallets, industrial pallets, lattice boxes or disposable pallets to store almost any good and any load. Pallet racks provide a universal and contemporary storage system with plenty of storage space and direct access to each pallet. This makes your pallet storage much more efficient.

Bruckamp offers pallet racks in different variants:

  • Hot-dip galvanized finish : protected against wind and weather, extra robust, ideal for outdoor use, but of course also usable indoors.
  • Lacquered finish: the cheaper alternative, perfectly suitable for indoor use. The frame and the traverses are available in different colours.

Hot-dip galvanized pallet racks from Bruckamp are quick and easy to assemble. The traverses made of hot rolled IPE sections are height adjustable in a 100 mm grid and can be attached according to the dimensions of the stored goods. They ensure a force fit connection and lead to a particularly good longitudinal stiffness of the pallet rack.

Important data for your new pallet rack for indoor or outdoor use:


  • Weight and dimensions of the stored goods
  • Traverse length/ Field width (for example for 2, 3 or 4 spaces per field)
  • Maximum field load (in kg)
  • Number of storage levels per field
  • Maximum frame height
  • Maximum rack length
  • Possibly required accessories (for example gratings, collision protectors etc.)

We will gladly create an individual concept for you. Please contact us!

Pallet rack hot-dip galvanized

Pallet rack lacquered

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