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A cantilever rack from Bruckamp is ideal for storing long goods or other bulky / heavy storage materials. Wood, poles, profiles, tubes, chipboards etc. can be optimally stored in a cantilever rack!

Our cantilever racks are available as one-sided cantilever racks and as double-sided cantilever racks. We are a certified manufacturer and produce the racks individually according to your specifications. The cantilevers are manufactured based on the dimensions and weights of the stored goods and can be individually screwed to the stand. They are available with or without load deflector. In addition, pluggable roll-off protectors can be attached to the cantilevers. With a cantilever rack, you increase your storage productivity, save costs and remain flexible!

Upon request, our association certified rack inspectors would carry out the legally required safety inspections of the cantilever racks for you.

We will gladly create an individual concept for you. Please contact us!

One-sided cantilever racks

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