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The Lindhaus family took over the company in 2010 and has been leading it to success ever since.
Susi and Thomas Lindhaus.

Hello, we are Bruckamp GmbH

Our owner run family business successfully produces and distributes commercial rack systems, predominantly for industry and craft and have done so for over 25 years.
Among these are cantilever racks, pallet racks, chipboard racks and our specialty, clad rack storage facilities.

Cantilever racks are very suited for the storage of bulky products because they can be stored in a more compact manner than regular storage solutions. As a manufacturer we offer single- and double-sided cantilever racks as well as custom racks built to order. We are certified for a wide range of production and material standards.

If your storage involves a large wide array of goods on pallets, pallet racks are the obvious solution. These can be adjusted to various dimensions and load and come in both hot dip galvanized and lacquered options. This provides the perfect environment for efficient and secure storage of your goods.

Clad rack structures are exposed to external forces, such as wind, snow and other weather phenomena that will factor into the structural calculations. Planning these requires expert knowledge and precision. As part of our services, customer receive auditable structural calculations to ensure their build can be reviewed in any permission process.

Whichever solution you choose, our focus is on your specific individual requirements. We are more than happy to customize your product to specification and round out the offering with a wide array of products such as mezzanines, multi-story installations, wide-span shelves, shelving racks and workshop furnishings among others. This commitment to quality allowed us to well establish ourselves in this market and maintain steadily ongoing growth. We have developed new staff and an entirely new “home” supported by this growth allowing us to expand our capabilities and to forge ahead, always. Since our founding in Lübbecke in 1996, a lot has happened.
Please join us as we take stock of our milestones so far and many more to come.

company history


Expansion of Production Area

Anbau und Verdopplung der Produktionsflächen

Both company grounds and facilities are expanded to meet the growing demand for greater production capacity. This doubles the available production area.


The Team Grows

The Team Grows

Bruckamp GmbH is growing and growing – at this point the team consists of 32 employees.


Expanding Rack Storage for Rapid Access


Rack facilities are built that allow the storage of up to 3500 individual stands of varying heights and loads. Holding these in the new facilities allows for direct shipment at a moment’s notice, greatly reducing wait times for customers.


Sebastian Lindhaus

Sebastian Lindhaus joins his parents in the family business. He is tasked with supporting the company leadership.


Moving In

Luftbild der Firma Bruckamp

The time has come. Finishing touches are put on the new state of the art facility in Espelkamp and it is soon ready for business. The staff, now 20 in number, moves into the new location. You can find it at Ferdinand-Porsche-Straße, on the outskirts of the Espelkamp industrial estate.


Katherin Lindhaus

Katherin Lindhaus joins her parents in the company. Since then, her administrative and organizational abilities have become invaluable to the team.


Expanding the Portfolio


Growth is not just limited to staff and facilities. Leadership made its highest priority to better anticipate and fulfil the needs of the customer. Therefore, it was only logical to expand the product line with a diverse range of storage solutions. Among others the additions included galvanized, lacquered, and stainless-steel shelving racks., multi-story shelving racks, wide span shelves, basket shelves, multi-story mezzanines, office compartments, restroom partitions, mesh partitions, machine enclosures, warehouse partitions, office furniture, workbenches as well as storage and transport boxes.


Planning New Facilities

neues Firmengebäude

2013 is a time for change. The company needs a new home that accommodates the steadily growing staff and provides state of the art facilities. Planning starts the same year and a new location is found. The town of Espelkamp nearby is selected, where you can still find Bruckamp to this day.


New Ownership

Thomas und Susi Lindhaus

Thomas and Susi Lindhaus take over the company from Lothar Bruckamp in 2010 as managing partners. At this point they employ just about seven people.



altes Firmengebäude

Bruckamp is founded more than 25 years ago by Lothar Bruckamp. Since then, we are specialists for hot dip galvanized cantilever racks, pallet racks and clad rack storage. Originally, the firm was located at Daimler Street in Lübbecke.

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